Self-Support begins with me...

Tradition Seven: "Every AA Group ought to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions."

"Self-support begins with me, because I am part of us — the group. We pay our rent and utility bills, buy coffee, snacks and A.A. literature. We support our central office, our area committee, and our General Service Office. If it were not for those entities, many new people would never discover the miracles of A.A.” - Self-Support Where Money and Spirituality Mix

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Contribute to Intergroup FWB

Please make check payable to:

Intergroup Committee of District 14

Mail: Intergroup Committee of District 14

PO BOX 838

Ft Walton Beach, FL 32549 

Contribute to District 14

Make check payable to:

District 14 DCM/GSR committee

Mail: DISTRICT 14 DCM/GSR Committee

PO Box  4022

Shalimar, FL 32579